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Gastric Bypass Surgery

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If you are suffering with obesity, gastric bypass surgery could be one of the options to consider. Individual suitability can be discussed with your surgeon.

Gastric Bypass Surgery
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The Gastric Bypass Procedure:

Gastric bypass surgery combines reducing the size of the stomach and also bypassing part of the small intestine. The reduction in the size of the stomach means thats less food is consumed and the bypassing of part of the small intestine results in less food being absorbed into the body.

Gastric bypass surgery is a major procedure and careful consideration of your circumstances and options should be given before undergoing the surgery.

Gastric Bypass Diagram

Your bariatric (weightloss) surgeon will assess your suitability for gastric bypass surgery and answer any questions you may have should you have a free consultation with us.

After the Gastric bypass operation, weight can be lost by three mechanisms which work in combination with each other:

  1. The size of the stomach is reduced which minimises the size of meals that can be consumed. Persons feel less hungry after a much smaller meal.

  2. The stomach usually empties into the top of the small intestine where digestive enzymes start to digest the food – After the gastric bypass, the food bypasses the top part of the intestine to a place further down, reducing the enzyme activity and thus reducing the number of calories absorbed.

  3. After the gastric bypass when a person eats too much sugar, the body is tricked by the sugar into releasing too much of a hormone called insulin. This reduces blood sugar levels, making the person feel light-headed and queasy. This leads to a genuine distaste for the wrong types of food and acts as a built-in mechanism to prevent people over-eating the wrong types of food.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery
Key Facts:

Also Known As:
Stomach Bypass, Obesity Bypass Surgery, Stomach Stapling

Length of Surgery:
1 – 3 Hours

Recovery Time:
3 – 4 Weeks

Anaesthetic Type:

Overnight Stay?:

(The above is only a guide and each case can vary depending on personal circumstances).

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