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Breast Reduction Surgery
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Nationwide Cosmetics offer low cost breast reduction surgery throughout the UK and over the past 15 years have helped 1000’s of women who have been unhappy with the size of their breasts and wanted to reduce their size.

Why Have Breast Reduction?

Large breasts can dominate a woman’s life, making her feel self-consious, making exercise difficult or even impossible to do as well as cause back pain. Breast reduction surgery is a popular procedure for reshaping large breasts surgically which can increase comfort.

The aim of a breast reduction surgery is to provide the patient with smaller natural looking breasts that are in proportion.

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The Procedure:

Breast reduction surgery, technically called mammaplasty, is usually performed for physical relief rather than for cosmetic reasons. This procedure involves removal of excess breast tissue to reshape and lift the breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery is sought by many women to relieve the physical restrictions and painful strain on neck, shoulders and back caused by excessively heavy breasts – a strain that can be so severe that it leads to chronic headaches, back and neck deformities, shoulder indentations, breathing problems, skin irritation and a variety of other medical problems.

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Everyone’s physiology and breast surgery requirements are different and individual suitability will be discussed with your surgeon.

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Breast Reduction Surgery
Key Facts:

Medical Name:
Reduction Mammoplasty

Also Known As:
Breast Reduction, Boob Reduction.

Length of Surgery:
1 – 2 Hours

Recovery Time:
7 – 14 Days

Anaesthetic Type:

Overnight Stay?:
Yes, usually 1 night

(The above is only a guide and each case can vary depending on personal circumstances).

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